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This is Why You Need to Know More Than One Foreign Language

Although English has become one of the most prominent languages of the international society at present, the importance of other foreign languages such as French, German and Spanish should never be underestimated. There are various countries apart from the native speaking ones who have adopted either of these languages as their official language in one way or the other. These languages might not be as popular and widespread as English, but they offer an excellent amount of innuendos and linguistics, which are not found in English.

So Why Learn Other Foreign Languages?

In this article, we are going to discuss about some vital which will let you know why it is extremely important to learn more than one foreign language.

  • English is not Going to Help You Forever:

Although English has been considered as a mode of communication in most of the countries, but it is valid only for the official purposes. You might see the international airports and ports announcing in English, but you will not find much English speakers around the world. It is, therefore, very important that you learn another foreign language like Spanish or Mandarin, which are the most spoken languages in the entire world.

  • Travelling Abroad:

While travelling abroad to a country where most of the population doesn’t speak English, you must know another language or else you will fall into a deep trouble. English will help you till the immigration check, but after that, you are on your own and only your knowledge of different languages can protect you on foreign soil.

  • Get to Know Other Cultures:

A famous quote goes, “Culture and language goes hand in hand”. Food, music, literature, dances; there are countless things which culture brings to us. You can experience and learn about a whole new culture with the simple knowledge of their language.

  • Makes You More Open-Minded and Independent:

It is a proven fact that learning a new foreign language has always been the best way to understand the culture and traditions and this entire experience makes you more open-minded and independent. You can make new friends and roam around in the market or other local markets, without an interpreter, and thus, your bonding with the locals will strengthen and increase even further.

  • Boosts Your Confidence:

It has been studied that learning new foreign languages helps to boost your confidence level to extreme heights. Talking to new people, visiting new people, getting appreciation from the locals and their assertive feedback; all these work as a positive simulator for one’s confidence boost.

So, if you want to visit various places and add an extra dimension to your travel experience, meet new people, enhance your confidence as well as increase your employable qualities, you should definitely learn more than one foreign language.

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