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Three Awesome Things You Can Learn From Best College Students

“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.” Shiv Khera has always reminded us of this difference between the winners and the non-winners. Now you might have some students in your college that are termed as the ‘best’. So what is it that these students do that makes them the best? And could you learn something from them too? We think you can.

1. Be Inquisitive and ask questions

If humans hadn’t asked ‘Why can’t we fly?’, we certainly wouldn’t have been led to the creation of airplanes. This is something that the best college students have in common. They ask a lot of questions. They do not settle for the knowledge that is simply served to them on a platter.

The best students are not the one who climb their way by mugging it up. You call them ‘muggers’ and not ‘the best’. The best students have a passion for learning. The kind of learning that requires asking real questions. It's always good to look for answers yourself, either in a book or on the internet, than to pester the people around you. This way you will learn a lot more and improve yourself. The first lesson hence stands very firm and clear i.e Ask a lot of questions.

2. Set your target and work towards achieving it

Prince Arjuna was the best in archery among his brothers. A commonly used example but still the most effective one. What set him apart was that he set his target and focused on it. That’s something the best students in college do too. They are not aimless. They want to achieve a goal. Their will to achieve a goal serves as a drive to work hard.

It is easy to set goals. The deal is to make them real. Like the best student in your college, learn how to separate work and fun. The peculiar thing about the best students is that they are actually fun to be around. They know how to achieve their goals without slacking out on the fun. Learn that!

3. Find a way to give it all back

The best students are always the most contributing ones. They do not just waste away the years of education they are given. They value what they have and try to give it to others too. This is why people empathize with them and are loved by all.

Try it someday. Help others and be their hero. It will make you awesome!

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